Mei Zihan – Sounds of a Snowy Day





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Best Picture Books of the Year 2020

When the snow comes around,
No more are there sounds.
Without a sound, the snow blows in the air.
Without a sound, it lays on the ground.
The birds chirp, so quiet that we can’t hear,
Same the dogs—no bark, air is clear…

“A transcultural masterpiece based on a poem by a distinguished Chinese writer put into pictures bt a world-acclaimed illustrator (…) The work celebrates the Human love for Nature, and invites the readers to immerse themselves into their natural environment, to feel it and understand it. It is a brilliant combination between the voice of the poetic words and the silence of beautiful pictures”.

About the authors

Mei Zihan (Shanghai, 1949) is an author of children’s literature, professor at Shanghai Normal University, member of the Chinese Writers’ Association, and a promoter of children’s literacy. Mei’s portfolio includes the works Daughter’s Story and Dai Xiaojiao and his Buddies, amongst others. He has also written and edited many theoretical works, such as The Narrative Style of Children’s Novels.