Jiu’er – Mr Black and His Dog





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A city in shades of grey, a window, a man. His life is dull and surely needs a change. Walking in the city, he appears and disappears from time to time, lost in a world of black and white. Until a green hauling rope appears, and at the end of it, a puppy comes into existencetaking shape on a patch of green grass, and embarking Mr Black into a fantastic and colourful journey. Where will it take them?

This is a book to fight loneliness. In times of darkness, one needs a little something or someone able to trigger a glimmer of hope, a little reassurance or approbation that will make them find back a feeling of existence.

“Through her illustrations characterised by the use of clear lines and pieces of mysteriously unfinished shapes, Jiu’er has created an interesting and thought-provoking silent picture book. The interactions between the character and his little dog are simple yet significant. The story invites the young readers to get involved at all times and help them stretch and stimualte their imagination”.