Changan Bayue – Hello Old Days (3 volumi)


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Yu Zhouzhou is an ordinary little girl born in the late 1980s, and she lives with her mother. In her long, lonely childhood, she has a best friend named Ben Ben. After entering elementary school, with the help of Lin Yang and Chen An, she gets over the early difficulty in learning pinyin and adapting to school life, and gradually becomes a well-known literature and art backbone on the campus. In junior high school, Yu Zhouzhou gradually feels like a duck to water, and meets her closest childhood friend Ben Ben. Yu Zhouzhou makes friends with Xin Meixiang, an eccentric and dull girl with the poorest academic performance in the same class, and after their efforts, they are together admitted to a provincial-level key senior high school — Zhenhua Senior High School. At Zhenhua Senior High School, Yu Zhouzhou experiences many twists and turns…