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Tatyana Ustinova graduated Kharkiv University, and subsequently worked she worked on projects in the Ural Mountains and Reserve Ilmen. In 1940, together with her husband, Yury Averin she was transferred to Kronotsky Reserve in Kamchatka. In April 1941, while accompanied by the guide Anysyfor Pavlovich Krupenin, she found the Valley of Geysers.

Until 1946 Ustinova remained on the Kamchatka peninsula, researching Valley of Geysers. She gave the names to the most powerful and impressive hot springs there. Later on she worked in Chişinău. In 1951, she published a book Geysers of Kamchatka.

In 1989, Ustinova left her homeland to live in Canada along with her eldest daughter, Tatyana, and she died there on September 4, 2009.