Ghvinianidze Tatuli – The confession on the palm


449 pages

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Rada, the protagonist of the book is a journalism student. Nobody pays attention to her, people make a mock of her and to get herself noticed, she resorts to dirty tricks. Rada is adept at finding things out and instigating scandals. Under the name of The Girl on High Heels, she writes articles about the secret life of different people at the University. Andria, the most popular boy at the University, often injures Rada’s pride and she makes up her mind to teach him a lesson. The story of hatred soon turns into a true war. Because of Rada’s evil article her classmate makes suicide. All those secrets, enmity, passion, falsehood and betrayal… Rada leaves Tbilisi and moves to London where a new story begins. How to weigh the sense of guilt? What are the things to be done or not to be done to save our own selves? The Confession on the Palm is about human nature, mistakes, repentance, hope, struggle for happiness and love… It’s about the search for the purpose of life, the search for yourself and your soul mate… Anyone who reads this book may find himself in it.
Cover of the original novel was designed by a world-known Georgian artist Nino Morbedadze.