Wang Xiaobo – L’Età dell’argento


ISBN 13: 9787535464200
Changjiang Literature Press, 2013


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Descrizione prodotto

In this book the heros future world of life is not only no better than now, but developes the obsurdity of modern life further. As individual people, the intellectuals have been thrown into the increasingly funny situation. The author uses two kinds of narratives, in one which he describes the painters and novelists who stay in police station, and their unusual love; another kind of narration which he describes that as a future historian, how he turns back to his original life and identity eventually because his various errors caused by following the principle of history, and becomes a normal person without any desire. The two narratives always cross and overlap. In the conflict between socalled realistic and fictional writing, the author creates the situations full of intersperse, irony, ridicule, and gameplay analysis