Wang Xiaobo – L’Età del bronzo


Hardcover: 660 pages
Changjiang Literature Press (June 1, 2013)


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Descrizione prodotto

The book tells a long story combined by three works that are set in the Tang dynasty of ancient China. The heroes of this set of works, are the ancient intellectuals and legendary figures. As a group of people who pursue the individualism, love freedom, and want to live according to their view of value and spiritual creed of life, they are full of strong desire of creation and needs of humanitarian, but they are controlled by the power struggle at that time and both their mentality and reality are distorted. They even turn the wisdom and love story into a comical farce. In this long novel, the author cites the famous and legendary stories in Tang dynasty such as The Gifted Scholars and Beautiful Ladies, Eloping in Midnight, Searching Love from Far, Opening up New Career. He cominbes the love stories in modern and ancient time, modernizes the Tang people, adds modern taste into anciant situation, and fuses the historical arts through smooth story telling. He finally establishes the ultimate value of life awareness, and draws forth a kind of dialogue-narration style going through the ancient and modern times, Chinese and foreign countries.